What’s going on with Starbucks soy lattes?

A quick Google search turned up nothing – yet something foul is afoot with soy lattes at Starbucks in Canada. The soy milk has changed. And if my hunch is correct, they’re now using the same garbage soy milk that they use in the US in Canadian stores (I was told this by the manager, but I’ve yet to confirm it).

What’s wrong with the US soy milk? It actually contains more than twice the amount of sugar as the “So Good” stuff that Canada was previous getting. For a grande soy latte, that’s 17g vs only 8g of sugar before. That’s wayyy to much by my standards. If this is in fact what’s going on then Starbucks has definitely lost this customer (I always chose other cafes when I can anyway, but it just so happens that Starbucks is the only thing close to my work).

I suppose it was inevitable, especially now amidst the financial meltdown, that Starbucks would try everything to maximize margins. So, lucky us Canadians, we now get the “made for Starbucks” soy that’s been making Americans fatter for years. Fantastic.

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  • Time to get one of those aerolattes and make lattes at work!

  • Jason

    I use to buy a soy latte every morning .. my store used to use Silk .. two weeks ago it tasted like crap .. turns out that they did switch and its some generic ‘foaming’ soymilk that tastes like crap .. I told them for $4.75 at least use a good soy like Silk .. supposedly a corporate directive .. Starbucks is losing it .. cutting costs, hurting product .. lost consumer .. I now buy black coffee from Tim Hortons

  • Yup, I’m off Starbucks now. Even though the new soy isn’t quite as bad as the American stuff (after reading the label I determined it has about 4 more grams of sugar than the Silk stuff, still 5g less than the american variety), it still has a kind of artificial taste to it and, like you said, for $4.75 it’s gotta be better than that.

    On the plus side, my bank account is perfectly happy without the added $5 a day expense.

  • Dusi

    Switch to dunkin doughnuts. They are using the unflavored Soy silk.

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