HTC Has Given Up

SafetyNet is broken on the HTC U11. No more Google Pay, no installing Disney+ from the Play Store, etc. And HTC seems to have given up on fixing it. I'd suggest not buying an HTC device ever again if you expect it to continue working.
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With an understated appearance, comfortable form factor and excellent Bluetooth connectivity, the Daqi M1 is a Bluetooth controller you should definitely consider if you use your phone for emulation, desktop streaming, or any other game that has gamepad support. In ...

Get the most out of your LG G2

If you’ve read my thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S5 (tl;dr: I don’t like it), then you’ll know that I’m now using LG’s current (but soon to be superseded by the G3) Android flagship, the G2. As any self-respecting Android ...

Why the Galaxy S5 is a terrible phone

After recently upgrading to a Samsung Galaxy S5, I thought I’d share some thoughts about the phone. A mini review, if you will. Here’s the straight up, tl;dr version: I’d say take a pass on this device. Sure it’s an ...

Setting up a Samsung Galaxy S I9000M

Well, I just ditched my Blackberry Storm for a shiny new Samsung Galaxy S, which is of course an Android phone. I have to say that I didn’t really get the whole Android/iPhone/apps hype before, but now that I have ...