Entity Framework saga persistence for Rebus

I’ve started developing with the Rebus service bus library for .NET lately, and the ease of customizing it (it’s fully open source on GitHub) has proven to be a real nice option to have.

Within a the first few hours of working with the library I knew I wanted to implement a new saga persistence provider that would more closely mirror how the NServiceBus NHibernate saga persistence works. That is, updates to a complex saga data instance should be more atomic instead of updating a single database row that contains a JSON serialized document (the default SQL persistence strategy in Rebus).

One advantage of having a more fine grained saga data structure is reducing concurrency problems when updating saga data where the saga is a scatter-gather type scenario. For example, if my saga initiates 100 requests that return 100 results, each result handler would only update a corresponding child row in the SQL saga model.

As you can see if the source file below, the implementation is quite straightforward. I haven’t completed a whole lot of testing on it – but so far no issues in limited production scenarios. Full source available in the GitHub entityframework-saga branch here.

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