Soundcore Life P2 True Wireless Review

Quick Take

After a long search for aptX (crucial if you want to watch videos with minimal latency) true wireless earbuds that charge via USB-C (finally!), I’ve found a pair I’m happy with in the Soundcore Life P2.

Besides sounding quite good, they have physical button controls that I prefer over touch. I often accidentally trigger touch controls when re-positioning earbuds – no problem with that here. You can skip forward (right earbud), back (left earbud), play/pause with a single tap and activate voice assistant with double tap (either side). If you just want to use a single earbud, you can user either the L or R side by itself.

Sound quality is… pretty darn good. I’m hardly qualified to provided a nuanced sound review, but I’d put the Life P2 in the upper-tier of anything I’ve ever heard. All the frequencies sound well balanced. Some reviews have mentioned they are very heavy on bass – I don’t get that at all with mine. Just nice balanced, clear sound that works equally well for video and music.

Other reviewers complain of them not getting loud enough. Again, no such problem as far as I’m concerned. 3/4 volume is the highest I’ve ever found myself needing in noisy environments.

If you’re looking for true wireless earbuds for music or video without spending a fortune, and you value USB-C charging, these should probably be near the top of your list. As long as the provided tips give a good and tight seal in your ear, they should work for a wide range of activities too.


  • Sounds quite good
  • aptX codec for low latency on Android (no or very minimal sync issues when watching videos)
  • USB-C charging case
  • Light, comfortable in the ear
  • Good seal for my ears with the default large size tips
  • White LED light on each side is subtle
  • You can use both, or just the left or right bud at anytime
  • IPX7 rated, so no worries about using them in the rain
  • Price @ $69 CAD on


  • Case feels sturdy when closed… but lid is a bit flimsy when opened.
  • Matte black finish on the case looks good… but is a bit slippery and prone to showing scuffs and scratches.
  • Earbuds can be a bit slippery when trying to remove from the case.
  • No volume control on the earbuds (doesn’t bother me personally)
  • Control buttons are large, if a bit stiff when pressing into your ear. But- the stem helps as a way to hold the earbud when pressing.
  • Large tips provide good seal… but are a little on the loose side for my ears when I’m moving around a lot.
  • For my ears: the XL tips are too big, the XS, S and M tips are too small.


  • Can only skip forward or back, depending on which earbud you’re using when only using one.
  • Music output does not switch to mono when using only a single earbud (this may be a Bluetooth/phone limitation, however).
  • Microphone volume on calls is a bit low.

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